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Online temperature, humidity and pressure sensor. The parameters can be read out via the website or a dedicated phone application. The system allows sending notifications about exceeding the set values.

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Touch panels for controlling the air conditioning in the building. The devices, from the selection of electronics, through their assembly, to the control software, were created entirely by our company. To control the degree of heating or cooling in the room, the PID algorithm was used, which intelligently selects the appropriate heating / cooling parameters. 


Interactive map controller, displaying the road in the form of points from LEDs. For each point, it is possible to reproduce the message recorded on the SD card.
With the controller you can communicate via WiFi, management is done through the browser. 

Bluetooth RGB LED driver

Driver and application for devices with Android system enabling wireless management of colors and brightness of RGB LED strip. The application is connected via bluetooth with the driver. You can choose from 8 dynamic color change programs with speed control.

Arduino and Android Application 


Driver and application to control escaperoom. The system allows controlling lighting, vents and temperature, opens the door and receives information from sensors installed in the room. The application also manages the playback of audio and video files.


The controller of the machine measuring the set amount of goods. The machine is equipped with electromotors, which move the arm and the platform and open and close the chute hole. 

Arduino, LCD 4X16, L298, tensometric beam + HX711 


Robot design with temperature, humidity, smoke, rain, pressure and altitude sensors. Radio control from a module that displays measured values on the display.


Arduino, nRF24L01, TB6612NFG, DHT11, MQ-2, LPS331AP, LCD 2x16 


Distance sensor + weight. The measured values are sent to the computer via a WiFi network. In addition, the module has 16 digital inputs for connecting contactors.

Arduino, ESP8266 nodeMCU, tensometric beam + HX711


3.5 "TFT display connected to the Arduino and RTC module Displays the current time, texts stored in the txt file and photos from the SD card.


Escape room devices. Pressing the buttons in right sequence opens the lock. The user can set his own sequence of buttons. Sound effects are saved on SD card nas can be changed by user. 


Escape room devices. Putting close the card opens the eplectromagnetic lock. RFID card or RFID tags can be used to open the lock. Sound effects are saved on SD card and can be changed by user. 


Escape room devices. The player has to put proper objects on weight to finish the task. To set the weight you need to press a button on the controller and put right objects on the weight.


Escape room devices. The RFID tag opens the lock. In addition LCD display can show any sequence of opening phrase like e.g “Hello!”, “Analyzing”, “Sending”, “Completed!” or any other words that suit you. 


Escape room devices. The user sets the letters in correct sequence by turning the knob. Only putting them in correct sequence allow the lock to open. To set the letters according to your wish you need to turn the power on and press the knob a few seconds until it’s underlined, then you can set demanded sequence and press the knob again to save it.