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Warehouse management system, machinery park and service repairs.

The technologies used JAVA EE, JSF, framework Primefaces, PostgreSQL


Project management system. Information that identifies a given project, schedule, costs, flows and financial results is located in one place. The program includes a module for recording invoices, which are assigned to projects, and a time recording module.

The technologies used JAVA EE, JSF, framework Primefaces, PostgreSQL


System for calculating employee bonuses. It enables very precise defining of the criteria on the basis of which the assessment is made and calculates the remuneration.

The technologies used JAVA SE, Swing and MS SQL 2012.


We are expanding the IncomDENT system - an innovative program that streamlines the work of a dental office.


We have created a virtual sound studio system that allows remote control of real amplifiers. Without leaving home, it is possible to work on professional equipment thanks to the use of advanced technologies.


System built for school libraries. It consists of modules for handling: library collection, user base, loans and reporting.

The technologies used JAVA SE, Swing and PostgreSQL. 


Implementation and development of the ownCloud server (cloud) that allows you to store files and use them from anywhere. Access to the cloud is possible through any device that has internet (computer, tablet, phone).


An application that calculates the number of people crossing the virtual line based on the analysis of the camera image.

An application written in technology C#. 


Software for the F & F DMM-3T meter enabling recording of electrical network parameters measured by the device and creating various reports.

An application written in technology Java, protocol MadBus i RS485. 


Application that manages devices in the escape room. Through the controller, it receives information from the sensors and controls the playback of movies and sound, switching on lighting and other actions. The application will allow you to create many different scenarios for one room.

Java EE + Primefaces + SQL